Happy 4 of July + 10 % Off

Hi Pet Lovers

This weekend is the 4 of July is a special day to all the Americans we Celebrate our Freedom, Thank God for our freedom!  Here are my 4 July handmade Doggie Items.

 I live in Puerto Rico but we celebrate 4 of july with family, bbq on the beach or pool. We are a CommonWhealth of USA. As the love that I have for my Island and my roots I have to thank USA for all the help that they provide to us as a small Island.

Thanks President Obama for visit our Island las month, its was 50years since a United State President visit our Island its was a very special day.

This is our 4 July Dog Collar
From 18 -28 Long - 1 Wide

10% off see info down this post.

Or buy our Matching Leash with Collar

10% off see info down this post.

We are having a 10% off 
 CODE: four of July

This promo is valid only to (1 July 2011 thrue 4 July 2011)

We refund the 10% on your paypal account.

This promo is for only 1 Collar Patriotic style and 1 Leash and Collar Patriotic Style.

Have a great weekend!!!


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