Directory from Rescue Noneprofit Animals from Puerto Rico

The Doggie House love to help in a way all the Shelters and Stray animals from my Island.

Here you can find a few of the Shelters and Sanctuary from my Island, Puerto Rico.

If you are looking to Volunteer or Donate please click the banners to enter their websites or facebook pages.

Also we promote the safe travel with your pet in our Island so here you can find more info...

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We are Open ! The Doggie House is open for custom orders - Dogs Accesories

Hi Pet Lovers

Our Etsy Shop is Open!

We are selling only custom made orders 

so.... if you want a dress, collar or leash we can make it custom.

We are exited to make costum orders for you so please enter to our shop and contact us.

Happy Paws and Tails!

Rock and Roll Dog Collar - The Doggie House pr Blog

Rock and Roll Dog Collar and Leash
Handmade by The Doggie House


One Dollar handmade Dog Dress BUTTERFLYS - The Doggie House Blog

Hello Pet Lovers

Here is a dress that I handmade to my sweet doggie name Brighette this fabric only cost me 1$ hope you get inspired on this post and love it :)

I did a Butterfly Doggie Dress only for 1$

Visit my Etsy Shop >> The Doggie House

Dog Model @ Brighette Marie

Handmade by Mommy for Brits :)