My Craft Portfolio - Mi Perfil de Creaciones @ The Doggie House PR

A Review from my past crafts and happy costumers!

Un Repaso de mis creaciones pasadas y mis felices clientes!

Heart Small Dress

Crayons Dog Collar

A Rescue from my Heart - XS Hearts Dog Collar

Hearts XS Dog Collar

Lets stop for one moment and see the beauty of her face!

I handmade this x small dog collar and I rescue this cute little puppy named Yulin she have a new home, I feel so happy every time I rescue a dog it make my heart happy.

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The Doggie House PR

Dog Dress and Bandana Recycle Stain Jean by The Doggie House

Hello Pet Lovers

Here is a proyect that I handmade to my dogs a recycle Jean from Daddy's it have a stain and mommy save it, Said Brighette Marie (My Dog). So hope this gallery of photos help you to make the Dog Dress and the Bandana. Its very simple!

Cut this part for the front dog dress area.

Sew it to the top body part

You can use another print on the back from the top part

This is the skirt part 

 The bandanna is sew leave a peace to undread

I use a small fabric plaid to give contrast, I use the zipper part to make a funky 3D bandanna.

Here is the result!

 Hope you love this fun proyect like I do!


Brighette Marie is So happy and Mr.Blacky love his bandanna too.

Also I use the two back pokets from the Jean and handmade a cute purse!

 Thanks for Visiting my Blog!
The Doggie House

Cute Cow Dog Collar

Cows Dog Collar

I love farm animals this lovely dog collar was made 2 time one with black buckle and the second one with pink buckle.

This is Bonnie modeling my 
handmade Cow dog collar!

The Doggie House PR

Directory from Rescue Noneprofit Animals from Puerto Rico

The Doggie House love to help in a way all the Shelters and Stray animals from my Island.

Here you can find a few of the Shelters and Sanctuary from my Island, Puerto Rico.

If you are looking to Volunteer or Donate please click the banners to enter their websites or facebook pages.

This List is Update!

Check their Facebook Pages to see how to donate and help!

One Dollar handmade Dog Dress BUTTERFLYS - The Doggie House Blog

Hello Pet Lovers

Here is a dress that I handmade to my sweet doggie name Brighette this fabric only cost me 1$ hope you get inspired on this post and love it :)

I did a Butterfly Doggie Dress only for 1$

Visit my Etsy Shop >> The Doggie House

Dog Model @ Brighette Marie

Handmade by Mommy for Brits :)

Happy 4 of July to all Pet Lovers - The Doggie House pr Blog

¡Happy 4 of July to all my patriotic pet lovers!

You can follow me on Facebook >>Brighette Marie

And Shop on my Etsy Shop >> The Doggie House

***Im having a Christmas in July Sale***

This is going to be a Event for 1 -10 July 2016

The Doggie House @ Etsy

Christmas Gingerbread Men Giveaway! - The Doggie House Blog

Hello Pet Lovers

Im giving this Christmas Dog Collar on a Giveaway!

Is Close

Im Supporting the Christmas in July Etsy Team on their;
¡Etsy Craft Party!

This event will be June 17 -19 / 2016

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Beauty and Beast Disney Dog Collar - Custom Order

Beauty & Best 
Dog Collar

This is a Princess Disney Beauty & Beast Dog Collar
with a Paws Pink Leash handmade by The Doggie House 

The dog model names is Melody Princess :)

The Doggie House

The Doggie House on Hound Magazine Puerto Rico Issue October 2015

Hello Pet Lovers

The Doggie House was Feature on the HOUND MAGAZINE 
woof woof oh yess and we are exited!

This is a Local Puerto Rican Art and Modern Magazine 
click the photo to read the October - December Issue 2015

I want to thanks my dear friend Antony Gamunev to giveme the privilege to be part of Hound Mag.

This is The Doggie House Promo :) On Hound Magazine

There is Promo Code if you buy on my etsy shop add the

 coupon code: Hound15

Have a happy Halloween!
The Doggie House

I'm a Super Hero ! A cool Dog Collar for Cottonel

Hello Pet Lovers

A new client name Cottonel just model with his new Super Heros Dog Collar, Looks so Amazing beautiful. 

If you want a custos orden please go to our etsy shop and 
contact us :)

Peta Joanna Krupa Saving animals life

Hi Pet Lovers

Its been a long time no writting here I just want to take a moment a support PETA and JOANNA KRUPA on this add campaine for ORCAS. We need to help this big animals please google some info about this big problem that we have in our world.

Help Peta and Animals Rescures to save animals lives buy adopting on 
shelters or saving stray dogs and cats. 

Have a lovely day with your pet!

My Etsy shop is still running go to The Doggie House on Etsy

The Doggie House

Customer Named Melody

 Happy New Year! 
to all my readers and followers.

I want to said thanks for all the support that have buy a handmade item from my shop. 

Our New Customer named Melody she is Sato Dog from 
Puerto Rico and she have a custom order of; 

Collar and Leash.

Christmas Collar Sold

Handmade Christmas Dog Collars Sold on our Etsy shop. 

We still have a few more left on the shop!

Candy Cane Dog Collar 


Thanks for the support!
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Happy Holidays and New Years!

Love, Spring & Weddings...

Custom Orders

Lovely custom order for a human wedding, the doggie was going to walk the rings.

This collar and leash have a adjustable flower & bow. Have a swarosky crystal on the buckle

Our favorite Disney movie Lady and the Tramp what  a romantic movie, we sold this beautiful collar.

 If you want a custom order just go to our Website we love to custom orders.

Beautiful Lemons Dog Dress
I handmade this amazing dress and also make 
another for my dog Brighette Marie 

Sold to a beautiful dog in USA

If you want a custom order contact us 

Sylvette Marie

Party Decor and Dog Dress

Meet Fara and her Doggie Lily!

About Fara !

My name is Fara and live in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. After I graduated from Engineering School I decided to stay at home with my kids. As a stay at home mom I started to plan cool things to do with them, including parties for their birthdays. Some friends and family members encourage me to make my passion a business and this is how this store was born. I started blogging about all the creative things and party stuff I make and find on the internet. It have been a beautiful journey, were all my passions has revealed. Photography, party styling, designing, crafting and everything that creativeness is needed! Stay here, look around and I will happily create something fabulous for you, so you can celebrate LIFE!

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Lily have our one of a kind Hearts Dog Dress

This is Lily Fara Dog she is so beautiful! 

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Sylvette Marie