Love Frogs New Collar & Leash

Love Frogs? I DO

They are so cute here in our Island Puerto Rico we have a Unique kind of frog named COQUI its a very tiny frog that sing all nigt. Yep ALL NIGT!!!!  Puertorricans are use too the sound of the coqui but when travelers come they hate the sound LOL they said its annoying but I really love hear then sing all nigt.

Also if the Coqui start sing in daylight that means is goin to rain and its true. Coqui are native from Puerto Rico but people start to travel with the coqui to see if they can live in another part of the world. The only place rather than PR is Hawaii they hate this little frog it was invader in the Island call the Coqui :)

If you want to read more about this little frog see this links:

Our Collar and Leash Frogs Style!

Walk your dog with Style!

This Collar & Leash is made from strong nylon webbing with ribbon sewn on it,
have a strong metal hook. The leash is without ribbon.

Wide: 1
Collar Measures: 18 - 28
Leash Measure: 45 long

Desing: Frogs and Hearts
Size: Medium or Large Dogs

Colors: Green webbing with a Pink ribbon.

This collar and leash is very strong, holds a dog Labrador up to 75lb.

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