Last week I eat in a restaurant call Aviones (Airplane) in Puerto Rico and literly I eat in side of a Airplane.

Last Saturday I whent to this cool Restaurant call Aviones it means Airplane. It open two years ago I finnally whent, the food was great I forgot to took a picture from the food but I took I lots from the restautrant. Have to said that this restaurant is on the mountains of Puerto Rico is on Barranquitas so; How the hell those airplanes got inside a mountain???  Hummm well they cut off the side so the plane fits on the roads, avenues and mountains roads they are very small.

This is one of the plane this one is a small one.

 Inside the plane.

That one is the second airplane this one is much bigger.

Inside the bigger plane.

That house is part of the restaurant if you dont want to eat inside the plaine you can doit there.

I hope you like my trip to this cool restaurant let me know what you think? Did you liket???

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