Dog Dress and Bandana Recycle Stain Jean by The Doggie House

Hello Pet Lovers

Here is a proyect that I handmade to my dogs a recycle Jean from Daddy's it have a stain and mommy save it, Said Brighette Marie (My Dog). So hope this gallery of photos help you to make the Dog Dress and the Bandana. Its very simple!

Cut this part for the front dog dress area.

Sew it to the top body part

You can use another print on the back from the top part

This is the skirt part 

 The bandanna is sew leave a peace to undread

I use a small fabric plaid to give contrast, I use the zipper part to make a funky 3D bandanna.

Here is the result!

 Hope you love this fun proyect like I do!


Brighette Marie is So happy and Mr.Blacky love his bandanna too.

Also I use the two back pokets from the Jean and handmade a cute purse!

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