Ice T and Coco Dogs

                                                                 Hi Pet Lovers

Have you seen this show on E!Channel? Ice T loves Coco's ....Well im a fan since I saw that Coco is a BIG Pet Lover like Im, she talks to Spartacus and give him all the sniffy love of the world :)

Spartacus is a Celebrity Dog

He is the most Spoil dog that I ever seen on TV he love to get massages and goin with mommy Coco to the most fashions boutiques on New York. Beside she always stop on a pet boutique to buy the most cute's sweatters for Spartacus.

Did you see this episode on Ice T Loves Coco?

When Spartacus Jump on momys back on the pool I said to my self; I HAVE TO HAVE THIS DOG....that is so cool this dog is amazing. I want to BFF with Coco to go to doggie parks and have doggie partys and OMG I love her + she So Pink that makes me more fan of her :P

So when I saw Mr. Ice T the Gangsters Raper on PINK!!! Ladys this is a real man a man that wears pink is not shy to be a man. But how manly looks Spartacus beside Daddy. Both looks beautifuls :) I know inside Spartacus is a Pimp just like his daddy.

Spartacus Soul Mate!
The are on a Date.

I found this photo on the web a behind the scene of the Puppy Shower that Spartacus Girlfriend was having because she is goin to have Spartacus babys. Yep! Your read right a Puppy Shower.

 Helloooo my husband always told me Im goin way to far... with the dog partys but I have to said people. Thank U Coco you are with me that's why you are my new Imaginary BFF :p

Here is Spartacus with a few babys, and that's the moment that you said; awwwww....

So they pic a Boy not a Girl I was sad I want the girl but here is the new member of the Ice T and Coco + Spartacus House .....Meet King Maximus

How cute they look Father and Son now they are goin to be Buddy's 4 ever!

Her is Spartacus with momy Coco she is so beautiful.

I hope they have like 10 Seasons because im hook with this Tv reality show.

I have to said all the photos I took them from Google.

If you want to be BFF of Spartacus and Maximus follow them on Twitter!!!!

Hope you have fun!
Sylvette Marie

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