The New member of my family - Nala

This is Nala the new member of our family. This is a Satita rescue from the streets this time my Fiance rescue her and stoler him the heart. She is a sweet heart!!! We took her to the  Paseos Veterinary and they put her all the medice that she need also they have to bath her with a tick treatmeant because she was pack with those horrible things. Luckly now she have a new family so as soon we pic her up to the vet we rush to PetSmart we didn't have bowls, toys, pads and believe it I have to buy her a collar with a leash because I didn't have her sizes made on my shop I fell like I betray my self, but it was in a rush so I said to me. Iits a emergency!!!! dont worry soon she will have a handmade collar and leash made from mommy :)

This is in PetSmart Nala was felling sleepy with all the medicine and bath that she have she took a nap well we are shopping.

We buy this cool bowls the have a rubber under the plate so the dog wont move the bowl that was perfect because I buy her the violets that you see and she was making a mess all over the kitchen eating and drinking water so now with the new bowls now she stay in one place.

My chihuahua Brighette Marie have not meet her yet until the vet said she can do it so well see how all this goes I think its goin to be a big fight :P

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Sylvette Marie


  1. She is so sweet looking. We have a rescue dog also. Hope she likes the leash and collar you are going to make her. The ones you have in your store are so cute.

  2. Thanks I love my work :)

    If you need a custom made let me know.


Thanks for your Comment. :)