A day on the Beach with Mr.Blacky :)

Hello Pet Lovers

Yestarday I want to go to the beach but I dindt want to go alone so bring Mr.Blacky with me. Its was the first time he toch the sand and he LOVE IT, at first he was shy but when he find out that he can Dig holes in the sand it was the most happy expresion on his doggie face.

So I took him for a walk on the beach Mr.Blacky was scare to water but he was playing with the waves.

Having a Relax moment with Mommy :)

The blue water was beautiful...

Mr.Blacky did Go GREEN on the beach lol, he change the water pump for a palm tree :P

So we have a great day on the beach it was a sunny day I never felt alone thanks to Mr.Blacky :)

Here is a thoth that Mr.Blacky would love to tell .....

Hope you love my blog I love reading your comments :)

Sylvette Marie

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