Birds Clothing

Hello Bird Lover :)

This time I will talk about Bird, but not just Birds this are specials birds because I found this lovely shop that make clothing for the birds. Yep you read right clothing LOL first when I see this a couple monts ago I was so against this because I belive that birds should be free and defenitly do not have clothing on it but. If I have a bird, and I have a party on my house I will put a clothing just for fun and only no more thatn 20 minuts.

Well that my poin to view, off course are people that dress the bird like I do with my dog. And there is no diference because I only dress my dog for speacial occasion and no more that 1hour Im aware that I live on a tropical Island (Puerto Rico) and is HOT here every day! :)

Well here is this CUTE shop call; Avian Fashions 

Here are a few photos from their webiste hope you enjoy :)

I will love to read what you think about this crazy cool post LOL

Have fun Day!

Sylvette Marie

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