Help the Human Society of Puerto Rico

 Hi Pet Lovers

This month we have bad wheather here in Puerto Rico and we got the bad news the Human Society from Puerto Rico was under 5 feet of water. They save all the dogs but lost all the utilities from the shelther, computers, papers, food and all the stuff to operate the dogs and much more.

Puerto Rico was United by this event they got thons of help from the community and I give my small donation.

This is the shelther inside

They active the emergency to all the workers and volunters

They save all the animals and put them on a baseball court close from the shelter

Do you see all the donations back there :O

I was amazed how people  help the animals

All the cleaning bottle wao

I did my small donations cat food,cat sand,news papers,gloves,cleaning bottle,waste bags.

Make a Donation Now and help this shelther

Sylvette Marie

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