What Santa bring to my doggies?

Merry Chritsmas!!!
To all the doggies around the world...

This is one is all the toys that Santa bring to my Sniffy Lovers

All the gifts for Nala, Brighette Marie and Mr. Blacky

We got Nala spying under the tree lol

More toys and treats for my doggies :)

Here Brighette and Blacky playing with the new toys!!!!!

Mr.Blacky give me a smille :) Love u my sniffy love

Brighette Marie with her mini rubber chicken and Cookie plushi.

They love all the new toys hope your doggies have a blast too.

Merry Chritsmas 2011



  1. Ahhhh!!!! Pero qué coshitas mas lindas!!!

  2. Sebastian has that same little chicken!!! Isn't it the best??

    Happy Holidays!!!

    Erika and Sebastian


Thanks for your Comment. :)