A New Year and What a Year!!!!

Hello readers and Followers :)

I want to thank you for your support being a follower make me happy and there is people that read my blog ocaccionaly just finding some tutorials that I have made thru this year, I just want to thank you too. I have been making changes on my blog everyday I learn someting new about bloggin.

What a Year 2011 was a very challenging year on my blog I remember that I said to my self on last January that; I want my blog running with all kind of info, stuff that I love Crafts that I made, every month I was felling in love with my blog at the point that I need somenting new just too keep you readers happy :)

This year I challenge my self to expand some new items on my shop it took me a wild to understand how to do a Fabric dog collar but I made it! now The Doggie House have sizes on dogs collars xs and smalls. For me this is a big step on my skills. Also this year I made more sales that makes me more happy. As you know my goal is when my shop have the 100 sales The Doggie House is goin to donate 100$ to a shelther or sanctuary from my island Puerto Rico.

Have to said that this year I have more readers on my blog,Thank you so much again!. And the most importante thing that is happen to me this year one of the dogs that I rescue this year is now part of my family Mr.Blacky you made everyday a sunny day love you my sniffy love. Also I have to give big Kuddos to my hubby dubby Curel he rescue his first dog this year Nala our new adition to our family too :)

Brighette Marie have 4yrs old she so big she is cutter and fashionable every year! She is my Muse :)

What Im praying and asking for the New Year 2012 !!!!!

First healt, time to sew, no more animal cruelty on my Island Puerto Rico and Around the World. More sales I want my goal happen next year. My family and friends having all the good luck in the word. No more children hungry that breaks my heart. No Delfinatorium on Puerto Rico. No monkeys for experiments on Puerto Rico we are winning this battle. I want Peace on my island Puerto Rico.

And thank you for givingme your time to read my blog.

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