Yesterday I rescue this dog, today he has a new life and family.

Hi friends I rescue this little puppy yesterday at 7:30 pm I was goin to my BF house and I saw this young pup walking in the middle of the avenue and I have to stop and save him. All I was thinking was its so young and he is scare. Well I save him, got home put him food, water he fall sleep eisley.

                                    I made him this cute leash very cool its like clown colors.
                                         I buy him some treats and a toy so he fells confi.

This is my Viejito Odie he is 17yrs old in human life. They enjoy there company really fast. So lovely.
                             I shower him and again fall sleep, so cute.
        End of the Story; I got a good family for him today. I fell so happy.
                                                  Please dont shop - Adopt.
                      If you wanna save a animal go to a Shelther near by your home.

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  1. Hey just found you at!!! Love your stuff =)

    Erika and Sebastian


Thanks for your Comment. :)