ThanksGiving Note to all of You!

To all my Pet Lovers Readers :)

Today is ThanksGiving Day! 

And I want to thanks each everyone of you to spend a little time from your life on my blog or my shop. And Thanks for all my customers, thanks for trusting my handmade dogs accesories. Im so happy every time I have a sale on my shop. This is my retired job im starting since 2009 so I hope to retired when I have 50yrs old LOL well im 30 now LOL so its goin to be a Long way! 

May I have not be blogging to much I have being paiting my house and I have no energy to blog.

I will be having a wonderful day with my grandmother and my mom and my two dogs 
Brighette Marie and Mr.Blacky.

So Give thanks because you have Health, Life and a Family to love you so much and that include your Pets :)

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Sylvette Marie

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