Our 3rd Anniversary -FREE SHIPPING

Its our 3rd Anniversary :)

Hello Pet Lovers I have to said that WOW goin to share a littler bit how I start. 

In 2008 I found a antique Singer machine was from my grandmother my mothers father, rest in peace both. Well my friend she design swimsuit and she said this Singer machine is damage so we fix it. And then she ask me, So what are you goin to sew? I said well dresses for my chihuahua and that how I start. I open my Etsy shop selling dresses and then follow up to Collars and Leashes. I know I have to make more Small and XSmall collars but. Most of you know that I take care my ill grandmother so I spend much of my time on the hospital with her and thats why I dont have too much time to sew.

Im having a FREE SHIPPING on my Etsy shop. This will Ends on 26Sept at midnight.

Sylvette Marie

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