Hello Pet Lovers

I know, I Know!!! I have been lost for a wild LOL my grandmother its still on the hospital its been two month since she is there Im the one who take care of her so that why I have been so lost on my blog. I know I miss you all readers :)

Well have to said that Chritsmas in July was a blast thanks to all the doggies that buy on this lovely event on my etsy shop. And people keep buying so thanks for your support we are getting close to the 50 sales woojuuu ... remember when It get to the 100 sale I will be donating 100$ to a shelther on my Island Puerto Rico.

So my doggie Brighette Marie and Mr.Blacky have being so lonely without me at home im at the hospital too much time so they are kind of sad. But they still give me all the sniffy love in the world!

I want to do a giveaway so dont know if its time for this let me know what you think should I doit or not?

Here is my too doggies on my house having fun! 

Have a nice weekend :)

Sylvette Marie

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