Pet Lovers Fest 2012

Hello Pet Lovers

Last week I was on the pet event call Pet Lovers Fest. and guess what???? OMG  I meet Miracle Milly, yes the most tiny dog in the hole world and yes she is from my beautiful island Puerto Rico.

Here is Brighette Marie metting Miracle Milly
she is so tiny :) 

Mr.Blacky meet her too 

My friend pet lover Wanda was on the activity too, here is her doggie Sophi and my Brighette

Mr.Blacky sniffing and having fun!!! 

Luna is Wanda dog and she is the winner of the 

Sophi Wandas Doggie she is so cute! 

This doggi is yellow all the way LOL 

Mr.Blacky giving me a Smile :) 

Brighette Marie want's mommy :) 

If you are asking; Were is Nala? She was on one of the days of the month so she could not go to this activitys :(

Thanks for always read my blog :)
Brighette Marie, Mr.Blacky 

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