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Hi pet lovers I know I have been out off blogging for almost a month. My grandmother is on the hospital this week its been two months her on the hospital. Well I take care of my grandmother so I have to be on hospital 24/7 so that why I disappeared from blogging but today I have a little time to sew I finish a couple of dog collars I will put it soon on my etsy website.

Brighette Marie its been so lonely on the house without her granny, Mr.Blacky is having fun like always he is a free spirit living his life like is the last day :) Also I took him to Nala my boyfriend doggie they play for hours ijijiji.

So here are a few photos Brighette sleeping on my bed she looks so cute:) And Mr.Blackly and Nala having fun!

                                I think im goin to frame this photos she looks so angel :)
Brighette Marie

Mr.Blacky and Nala
These two always wrestling lol


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