Pitbulls vs Mc Donals

Im so sad when I read the news about this comment that Mc Donals said about Pitbulls as you know I dont have a pitbull but I respect all the animals around the planet. There is so many people out there specialy in my island, Puerto Rico that rescue this dogs that most of people fear them but they have a second chance in life.

These dogs are ban on my island, Puerto Rico. 
Bull terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers,
American Pit Bull Terriers if you want to read the Law 158 Pitbulls on Puerto Rico

Sylvette Marie

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  1. I say petting this. :)

    I'd rather pet a pitbull which obviously is a nice one. Just look at it, then be fat.

    Sorry that they are banned though. That sucks.


Thanks for your Comment. :)