I rescue another dog meet Blacky

Hi friends its been long time! I took a VK from my blog but not from my Etsy Shop is Full of colorfuls collars. I was driving back home last Thrusday September 1, 2011 and I saw this puppy on the side of the road just sitting there. I could not pic up the dog because I was on the car with my grandmother and my uncle so I finally got home and go back to rescue this puppy, it was there under a car I pic him up and drive home fast  its was not too far only like 5 minutis from my home. So I bath him and when I sit under the lights Oh! I forgot to tell you its was night when I pic the dog so when I sit to see the dog after I bath him he was scrachy with blood on her legs the dog could not stand up it was very dehydrated so I call my BFF she rescue so many dogs she told me to put betadyne scrubs for his wounds. And vitamine Omega for his hair he lost his hair in some part. And I whent to a Agrocenter they sell me the parasits medicine. And I give him food. Now Blackly is Ok,  the dog is day 5 now he poops he walks slowly and shortly and he is happy.

My mom named Blacky :)

This was Blacky the day I rescue 

Day 3 much better and happy :) 

Here is a Video of Blacky walking

Im goin to take Blacky to Veterinary as soon he is ok if you want to help me to pay the veterinary bill from Blackly is goin to be a heavy one they are goin to take him a MRI of his back that is broke and all the medice like rage, heart worm, bood sample, parasite ect...

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Thank U all
xoxo Sylvette Marie

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