Today is my Dog B-Day 4yrs old

Mommy saids;

April 1st 2007 Brighette Marie has a new family surround by  love. My dog Brighette have 2 grandmothers 24/7 in the house a Daddy that loves her more that his fiance LOL that me :P two uncles and lots of fan in FB. And a Mom that do everything to make her happy tail.

Brighette Marie said;

Today mommy cant celebrate my B-Day # 4 because grandma Rose has to go to the hospital but mommy promise to me that she is goin to buy me some yummi organic treat food for me with a fashion plushy.

She always took me took me out in my mommys car to see the beach and smell the flowers :)

And off course I have to be very dressy, like my perls ...

Thank U for been my woof & Sniff friend like my mommy always said to me;
I give you a Sniffy Love !!


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