How to make Easter Bunny Ears & Meet my New friend Sebastian

This is Sebastian the new friend of Brighette Marie

His mother Erica made them this cute ears
how cute they look!

This is her sister
If you want to learn how to do this crafty fabric easter bunny ears go to her Blog

This is my tutorial:

Easter Bunny Foam Ears for your pet

2 yards of Yarn, 2 Chenille Stems, Glue, Foam 2 colors

Cut the foam in a oval way then glue the Bunny Ears,
Glue the yarn aroung the ears.

Glue the ears in the chenille stems.
Bunny Ears Ready!!!

Brighette Marie modeling her Easter Bunny ears
How cute she looks!!!

She really love its!

Have a great weekend!

Remember dont give chocolate to your dogs.

Sylvette Marie & Brighette Marie


Erica & Sebastian


  1. Love it!!! Sebastian and I had a blast working on this project with you and Brighette. =)

    Erika and Sebastian

  2. Perfect for this season! They look so cute!


Thanks for your Comment. :)