Gourmet Dog Treats

I buy to my doggie this yummi treats its was her gifts from her B-Day that I could
celebrate her on April 1 2011. I whent to Shorthys Gourmet Treats. I buy her this;

The Mini Birthday tote!

This mini tote is just perfect!  What's better than treating your lovable baby to a mini tote full of delicious treats! It will truly make any pet feel special! :)These doggie gift baskets come packed with my handmade organic pet treats- so as always, they're a delicious yet healthy treat for your furry friend!

This mini tote comes packed with 3 dozen assorted cookies. The flavors included will be:
♥ Carob ♥ Apple Cinnamon ♥ Carrot Ginger ♥ Pumpkin ♥ Sweet Potato ♥ Peanut Butter

Sorry for the horrible photo my camara is damage :P

Visit her Etsy Gourmet Shop

Coming Soon will arrive #2 B-Day gift


  1. Love your blog and love your shop. Look forward to working with you!!


Thanks for your Comment. :)