Great Weekend with my Dog

Finally Saturday arrive I promise to my dog, Brighette Marie that this Saturday Its was goin to be her day!

I took her to my favorite pet boutique were I live and I buy her a Oruga bed a lovely dress and a gorgeous pearls necklase.

Then we go to Old San Juan, and we eat at the Sheraton ( Pet Friendly Hotel) we eat yummi Chicago Burger its was a sunny perfect day.

Then we go to this old wood ship that is for a few months in our Island.
 Brighette Loves it.

        Then we go to makes us like Cartoon, so this is our new family portrait LOL.

We end our day snuggly in the bed. She was so happy,  you can tell when a dog is happy the      emotions and the look of her eyes is so special that I just hug her and tell her I love you brits.

Have a great week @ The Doggie House pr

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