My doggie is SO spoil

Hi pets lovers I was wondering how far will you go to spoil your pet?

Jumm its seem my dog have more stuff than I do. Some people think im crazy because I buy thing for my dog that they think its too far way to buy that kind of stuff for " a dog" ...

Do you spoil your dog so big that people call you crazy?

I take my dog too family houses, pet parks, pets activities, doggie b days, for a long ride on the island. I even enter to restaurants with my dog but they are open air restaurants not fancy and she is inside her doggie bag. I buy her and now I make clothes for her.

I first have a dog bag but then I have to carry my purse and my doggie bag with my dog so that heavy plus her water and food plus plates for her. Gosh so many thing to carry on a long day to a doggie activity and thats why I buy a Pets Stroller... Ok this is the part when eeeeeveryyyy body tell me im crazy. People are like seriusly do you pay 80$ for a dog stroller. And tell them is soooo better thant carry a dog on bag with your purse and other stuff.
So I will like to know how far do you go spoiling your pets?

In the end I love my dog and since I dont have children I think im goin to spoil her like a queen.

But when that time come, being a real mom everything is goin to chainge for my Brighette and she will understand. Because momy love her no matter what.
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Have a great day!

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