World Woof Tour - 2 chance of life for this dog

Hi friends i wanna tell you about this cool Doggie News that I read on
Modern Dog Magazine.

(The title is: World Woof Tour - Oscar the dog goes around the world in 80 +days.)

I will resume the story; Oscar is a South African shelter pup, was rescue from Joanne Lefson. Joanne whant to spread the word about dogs bean on terrible situations and finding a good home. SO she sold her house to finance the trip and took Oscar traveling Twentynine countries 40,000$ and six month later The World Woof Tour was complete.

Along the way he and his owner stopped at 50 charity -run rescue and visited 15,000 shelters dogs. One of the places she whent was my Island Puerto Rico they visits Save a Sato org. in San Juan so if you wanna to know more about her visits to Puerto Rico click the link above...

Here is Oscar on the Pyramids, Egypth.

Brighette Marie reading the Mag LOL

She is a fan from Victoria Stilwell show ...

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Sylvette Marie

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